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Welcome to the newest addition to Chico California’s community of artistic voices. First Street Theater is an exquisite new event venue focused on a never-ending endeavor to bring excellent performance to the California North State. Visit our state of the art, intimate theater nestled on second floor of the historic 1871 Collier building, brimming with enchantment, excitement and nostalgic experience. Featuring a full bar, exquisite pastries and 140 plush seats for your comfort while enjoying a parade of award winning Broadway shows.

2021-22 Season

Upcoming Events

OCT 12- OCT 29

Set in Victorian London, "Jekyll and Hyde" follows the brilliant and ambitious Dr. Henry Jekyll, a man driven by a noble desire to rid the world of its dark impulses. Obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of the human mind, Jekyll embarks on a perilous experiment that aims to separate the inherent evil from the pure essence of the soul.

DEC 14-17

Step into the enchanting world of "A Christmas Cabaret," a dazzling musical revue that captures the joy, warmth, and spirit of the holiday season. Filled with a delightful medley of beloved songs, lively dance numbers, and heartwarming stories, this captivating production invites audiences of all ages to revel in the magic of Christmas.

FEB 14-17

The Perfect Valentine's night for couples! A mesmerizing Valentine's Day Cabaret that celebrates the beauty and complexity of romance. Set in a charming and intimate venue, this captivating production weaves together an irresistible blend of heartfelt performances, soulful melodies, and alluring storytelling, creating an unforgettable experience for couples and romantics alike.

APRIL 4-21

Step into the mystical world of "Into the Woods," a captivating musical that weaves together beloved fairy tale characters, enchanting melodies, and thought-provoking narratives. This Tony Award-winning production takes audiences on a spellbinding journey through the depths of an enchanted forest, where dreams, desires, and consequences intertwine in unexpected ways.

June 6 - 23

Join us for this extraordinary bonus show and let us transport you to a world of wonder, where the magic of live theater unfolds before your eyes. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be enchanted by an exclusive performance that is tailored just for you.


Sweets & Drinks

First Street offers first rate service from our full bar to our sweets. Make your evening complete with special treats!

Getting to First Street

OUR location

First Street Theater
139 W. First Street, Chico, CA.